Social CRM

Integrating social media into our CRM system seemed an obvious and necessary feature for forward thinking and fast evolving organisations, such as our clients.

If you include a Twitter handle or LinkedIn URL within any text field on your agileBase CRM, the system instantly recognises it, includes the link and pulls the data in, allowing you to view the contact’s latest Twitter posts or their updated LinkedIn profile. You will also be able to use the system to interact and respond to recent tweets.

contact details

This feature is great for sales teams who want to keep in touch with leads, or HR professionals viewing new recruits. It’s also a great feature to introduce your organisation to the benefits of social media and include digital interaction into your sales cycle.

To insert a twitter handle, just enter it into a text field, including the @ sign, e.g. @agilebase. To include a linkedIn profile, copy and paste the contact’s URL from the browser bar, e.g.

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