Importing comments

Recently we’ve been dealing with lots of customers who want to import data from legacy systems. There are lots of ways to import, the most often used being from spreadsheets. agileBase’s import routines allow spreadsheet data to be inserted into the database as new records, or merged into existing records (where there’s a unique identifier to match things up with).

One new request is to be able to import comments as well as data, so that’s what’s been released today! In your source spreadsheet, just include a column for data which should go into a comments field. Comments will be created with the name of the person who doing the import ano’nd the import time.

So when a user logs in, they’ll see a nice full comment stream.

One other minor update to importing is that checkbox fields no longer have to have yes/true or no/false values. If you leave a value empty, it will be imported as ‘false’.

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