Colourful calendars (and 29 other updates)

A quick update about what’s new in agileBase so far this month. Checking the development log, I see that 29 items have been ticked off and released so far. The most recent is an update to the look and feel of the calendar, which is now a lot more clear and colourful, as well as

  • showing the entire month on screen at once
  • making Monday the first day at the left, rather than Sunday, better for checking the working week

calendar colourful

Among the highlights of the other updates are:

  • Replying to emailed comments: Users have the option to receive notifications when a comment is added into the system. Now, replying to the email will insert the reply back into the system automatically, connecting it to the right record
  • For users with read only privileges, the layout and display of data has been improved
  • Charts of data containing empty values are improved – the empty data is not charted, but a count of empty records is displayed
  • The design of the related information that appears when you hover over a comment has been improved. In particular, previous comments are now also shown so you can see the whole conversation

Many of the other updates are minor tweaks and fixes that most people probably won’t notice have been changed. However, *someone* will, often because they’ve requested a particular feature or change to the way things work. We really appreciate these requests and as long as they will benefit everyone using the platform, we’re happy to build them in.

This practice of continuous delivery of both major and minor features means that once there is an update, people don’t have to wait six months until the next release, but rather get them immediately. So if you have anything you’d like to see that would make agileBase a better home for your work, please send them our way.

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