Unlocking your cloud potential

Every now and again we like to take a step back to talk about what ‘the cloud’ means for entrepreneurs and businesses, and why the agileBase platform exists. Especially for people new to agileBase, here’s a nice summary of the benefits of working online, with a fast + flexible + friendly = agileBase cloud platform to manage it all.

Unlocking your cloud potential 

The emergence of the cloud and cloud apps has been a boon to many organisations.  In fact you’re likely already using them; Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, Twitter, DropBox etc are all instantly recognisable and provide an array of services for their users

They provide for greater collaboration, easier access to data via mobile devices, and they enable the business to adapt quickly to change.  They’re also subscription based, so it’s easy to get up and running quickly.

But cloud apps can have some significant drawbacks.

  • Data silos – your data can become fragmented across a number of different applications
  • Integration issues – integrating all this fragmented data can be complex, expensive and time consuming
  • Dependency – each cloud app uses different formats or data standards, so you’re potentially locked-in or dependent on that vendor and switching to other providers can be painful
  • Inflexible – You’re just another customer, likely one of thousands.  They’re not going to create a customisation in their software just for you, however important it may be to you.
  • Cost – Most cloud apps can be an affordable option when you start out with basic, templated functionality.  But if you want to customise anything, costs can rocket.  You might need to buy in technical consultancy, or even buy other apps that have that specific functionality.
  • Security – It’s difficult to know what apps your employees are even using, let alone what access they have to which data.  And do you know if your partners or customers potentially have access too?

So how to manage these drawbacks?  How to enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing without the downsides?

We’ve expended 10 years and 26,000 man hours to solve these issues, and we’ve built what our customers are calling transformative technology.

it’s called agileBase

agileBase is a cloud-based platform that allows you to rapidly build enterprise-class applications.  With a robust database at it’s heart, an elegant interface that’s simple and intuitive to use, and a wealth of functionality baked in, you can build applications that are tailored to exactly the way you work.  It’s pretty unique, and very powerful.

It’s a little bit like lego.  Yes, really!  Like a lego model, agileBase is made up of many reusable blocks that can be constructed in infinite ways to build a unique application for each customer.  Applications are quick to take form and they’re easy to adapt.

And just like lego, rather than the months that it used to take creating bespoke business software, our agile approach means that you’ll have your application up and running in days, or even hours.

But this isn’t all we do.  Far from it.  

agileBase also acts as a central ‘hub’ for data.  We have drag ’n drop integration into 100’s of the most popular cloud apps.  If your data is in spreadsheets or other internal software we have other ways of connecting.

We then pull all that data into our central hub, so you have complete visibility and control of ALL your data, including the ability to get it out again in the format you want.  Your data is no longer silo’d, your integration headaches go away, you’re no longer at risk from vendor lock-in.

So imagine the possibilities:

Once you have all your data in one place and you have the ability to rapidly create any application you like, you can do anything with that data.

  • Build dashboards that give you visibility across your entire organisation.  Create reports, deep dive into data, spot trends as they emerge
  • Use Business Intelligence techniques to interrogate your data.  Create stunning visualisations of your data, or simply view it spreadsheet-style,  Even export it if you need to.
  • Rapidly build new applications as you need them.  Perhaps you need a new CRM system to incorporate all that data.  Or you want to collaborate on and share docs and data with your suppliers and customers.
  • Use agileBase as the hub for all your marketing campaigns, or for integrating with accountancy apps, or project marketing apps, or as a hub for all your social media.  Whatever you need.
  • Lock down your data so that it’s secure.  Granular permission-based access means you can say exactly who has access to what data.

The key to all of this is that your data is centralised.  It’s more secure, it’s easier to share and collaborate on.  And agileBase also works great on mobile devices, so you’ll be able to access your data anywhere.

To summarise

Our customers are using agileBase to unlock their cloud potential and accelerate their business.  They’re enjoying all the advantages of cloud computing, but without the downsides.

Why not give us a call on 0117 321 0104 and have a chat about whether we can unlock your cloud potential?

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