Add some ‘Font Awesome’ to your forms

A quick update for this week – we’ve been using Font Awesome for a while in agileBase as it gives a great range of icons that you can use for your apps. There are so many icons that there’s something for everything, and their nice clean designs fit in well with the agileBase look and feel.

Now you can use the icons in your forms as well. So instead of having a field called ‘phone number’, you could have phone, or if you prefer phone box or even phone mobile.

To set this up in the agileBase administration interface, expand out SETUP -> ‘Build’ and click the name of a table. Then click the fields tab at the bottom of the screen (if the tabs aren’t visible, click a record) to edit field options.

Click ‘edit options…’ next to the field you want to assign an icon to, and in the box called ‘icon’, type the name of an icon from this list:

Note: in future, we’ll probably add a font picker.

Here’s a sample screen with a few icons used for contact details including LinkedIn and Twitter.








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