In agileBase, you can add a comment to any table of data in the system. Usually this is used for simple collaboration – lots of people want to discuss a particular item, say the design of a marketing brochure being produced, or a sales opportunity. As each person adds their comments, they get recorded in the system as well as being displayed in the global comments stream.

Sometimes though, people want to add more information to a comment. For example, the manager of a sales team may like to record whether each comment is from a call out, a call in or an email.

comment dropdown

This can now easily be set up. As an an administrator, go into the build section, choose a table with a comments field in it and select the ‘field options’ tab.

Next to your comment field, click ‘edit options’.

Type in a list of options you’d like to appear as a dropdown box under the comment entry space. Separate items with commas.

That’s it!