Different sources of data on the same form

It’s getting busy here at agileBase and every now and again a customer requirement feeds into a bit of product development to improve the platform for everyone. This month we’ve had two customers ask for the same thing so that’s just been released and here it is.



The idea is to allow you to amalgamate different sources of data onto the same entry form. In this case, we have a database of people and a separate table of pets they own (one person can keep more than one pet – or maybe vice versa!)

So the pets section allows you do attach new pets directly into the form for a person. Pets can be edited by clicking on them, when the data entry fields appear inline:



Of course it doesn’t need to be attaching pets to people, the same logic applies to attaching sales call logs to an opportunity, or tasks to a project for example. I’m sure there’ll be many more uses beyond the two we’ve started with.

Setting it up

For administrators, you can access this functionality just by adding a ‘referenced report data’ field into a table, as long as the referenced data related directly to the main table.

We’re going to call the main form (in our example ‘people’) the parent table and the subsidiary information (‘pets’ in this example) the child.

1) Under ‘build’ in the administration, go to the child table (pets) and click on the fields tab just to check it’s got all the information you need in it. In particular, there needs to be a relation field that points to the parent table, to link the two.

2) Then click on the manage tab and press ‘create view’ to make a new view (if you haven’t done that already)

3) Again under ‘build’, go to the parent table (people) and the fields tab. Scroll to the bottom to add a new field. The field we’ll be adding is a ‘cross referenced report data’ field, so select that from the type. To the right, select the child table (pets) and underneath that, make sure you select the view that you created in step 1

That’s it!

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