Using IE on Windows XP for agileBase? Please upgrade!

We’ve recently increased the security of agileBase’s encryption a notch by removing some older SSL cipher mechanisms – in line with current best practices, only the most modern methods with no known flaws are used.

The benefit is that data in transfer between a client’s web browser and the server is known to be as secure as possible. Qualsys SSL Labs run a scanning service and as you can see from their results for our server, we score very highly, in line with for example Google’s servers.

SSL scan


The downside is that very old browsers running on old operating systems are not compatible with newer security standards and will therefore not work. Specifically, Internet Explorer 8 (or older) running on Windows XP.

Please note that Internet Explorer 8 is not supported by agileBase in any case. If there are any users still using this, you should upgrade to a newer browser. There is a simple solution we recommend – download Google Chrome which will run without problems on Windows XP and give you a much better experience with agileBase as well as improved security.

Here’s a quick link to the download:



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