Quick entry

The other day, one of our consultants was working on some todo items with a customer, managing the tasks in Agilebase. The customer asked “why can’t you enter a new todo direct from the homepage rather than go into the whole list?”

What a good idea, we thought, so now you can. And not just for todos but for any type of data you want to add quickly, perhaps contacts, sales leads or appointments. This is what it looks like – you can see in the purple tile the top few entries and at the top, a box you click in to quickly add a new entry.


If you’d like to try this out, it’s easy to turn on: just go into your tile and enter the settings by clicking the little cog icon at the top of the screen. The tick the ‘use quick entry’ option.

New website

In other news, we have a new brand and website. Check it out: www.agilebase.co.uk

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