Email Agilebase

No, we don’t mean email us (though please feel free to), we mean you can now integrate email with Agilebase simply by sending mails, forwarding or cc’ing email to the system.

We’ve had a lot of interest from sales-oriented people using the system in email integration. These people are often flying from meeting to meeting and don’t have time to log in, look up a record and add a note, particularly if they’re using a mobile phone somewhere with a slow internet connection. With the system we’ve got in beta test, users can just email the system with an update and it’ll be stored against the relevant data.

So how would this work? Here are some examples:

  • A sales rep emails a prospect with a special deal. They cc in their special Agilebase address (something like and the content of the message is automatically added to the prospect’s communication record
  • A customer emails in with further negotiations on an ongoing opportunity. The salesperson forwards the email to the system which finds the current opp. for that customer and logs the email against it as a status update
  • Helen Mackenzie, a customer, phones up to request some paperwork for signing. The person she phones doesn’t know her email address by heart so just emails the system with the subject line ‘Helen Mackenzie’. Agilebase finds her record and attaches the email to it as a comment, which support staff will see when they log in

Some further ideas that aren’t yet implemented but which we’d be keen to try if there’s interest:

  • Creating new data records by emailing the system
  • Sending documents to Agilebase by email for storage against particular records

If you’d like to get early access to this functionality before it’s officially released, just drop a line to



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