Help us write the Agilebase roadmap

Every now and again we like to take a step back and review our priorities. We’ve loads of ideas for future features, gathered from all the customers who have been with us a long time or are newly coming on board.

Some of these ideas and plans have been commissioned from clients and are already being worked on, others are ideas that we see have a wide potential relevance to lots of users.

We’ve already motored through a large number of developments, as you can see from previous blog posts.

What we’d like now is your input. Here are the main headline points, which do you see as most interesting?

  • Reporting
    Charts, graphs and visualisations can be created in Agilebase. How about showing them in a tile in the homepage, to create a reporting dashboard. Each user could see a collection of graphics they’re most interested in, like sales pipelines, management accounts or task tracking?
  • Email integration
    Attach emails to Agilebase records to see a communication history
  • Specific apps, like to-do lists or timesheets and expenses
    With Agilebase you can build any data app, but do some require special interfaces? For example a sales pipeline that graphically displays the data?
  • Offline phone and tablet use
    We’ve built offline data collection apps for some clients. Would it be useful to be able to use the whole of Agilebase offline, without an internet connection?
  • Global search
    One search box on the home screen, to search all the data in Agilebase, whichever section it’s in
  • Google docs integration
    Agilebase is in the cloud, Google docs is in the cloud, why not integrate the two so that documents can be previewed and linked to from within Agilebase?
  • Google calendar integration
    Agilebase already integrates with GCal – you can view your Agilebase appointments in your Google Calendar. How about the other way too, viewing your Google data in your Agilebase calendar?
  • Flexible data types
    Would it be useful to be able to change a text field into a number field for example, or an integer into a decimal, as a one-click operation without the need to export and re-import data?
  • Sophisticated login security mechanisms
    Using ‘two factor authentication’ for logins would mean data is protected not just by username and password, but by using the user’s phone as an additional authentication factor
  • Anything else
    Is there anything we haven’t mentioned that you’d like to see?

Please drop us a line and let us know, or fill out the quick poll below:


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