File collaboration with Agilebase

This week, people who work with digital graphics files have a new way to share and work with their images.

We’ve been using the app ourselves for some time here at Agilebase and think it’s now ready for a wider audience.

Before the explanation, here’s a quick walkthrough of what the system looks like:

1) The entry point. A preview of the most recent image in the system can be seen. Clicking on the tile expands it out into a fullscreen app:

home screen


2) Here you can see all images in the system. If you can’t remember what something’s called, just scan through but if you can, use the search box to find it quickly:


3) Clicking on an image allows you to see the full editing screen. As well as uploading new versions, you can edit all the metadata (data about the image – whatever you want to store) and hold a conversation surrounding the image with the comments system:


4) The full screen preview allows you to present to an audience:

full screen

Before developing the ‘digital assets’ system, we worked with image files in a fairly ad-hoc way. They were stored on individual laptops, with folder and filenames changing as new versions were created, e.g.



Obviously this system had limitations:

When we wanted to collaborate or share files, things got fairly tangled. With different versions being emailed around, finding out what changes had been made involved picking through email conversations. And when new members of staff joined the team they found it hard to see what was available and find what they needed.

Using the cloud was obviously the way to go.

So we developed the ‘digital assets’ app in Agilebase, which presents a nice view of all the images you track, complete with notes, comments and version history.

This allows us to collaborate with our design partners in an easy, transparent way. We can quickly

– scan through previews of all images
– see new images being added
– search images quickly
– view and take part in conversations surrounding each image
– collaborate with designers in different companies


To add an image library tile to your home screen, you just need access to a view that contains an image file field. If you’re building from scratch, add a ‘file’ field to a table and set the type to ‘image’, then create a view from the table.

In the tiles home screen, click the square plus button to add a new tile. Select Image Library then choose the view that contains the files you want to see.

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