Searching comments

Conversations between people and ad-hoc notes inform many decisions in business, from the major (helping to gain a new client perhaps) to the minor (fixing a bug in a piece of software maybe). Some people call them comments, some use status updates, some chat, but whatever the form, recording conversations and notes helps people within and sometimes outside of an organisation work together to solve common problems, particularly when separated by time or geographic distance.

That’s why the comments feature of Agilebase has proved so popular. Adding comments to structured data changes their nature from being throwaway, one-off and easily forgotten, to a structured conversation that’s visible to colleagues and chosen outsiders, e.g. suppliers or contractors. Each opportunity, task, contact etc. will have relevant notes right there in the record.

Getting comments into the system however is only one part of the story. We recently introduced the comments tile, which shows all the most recent comments from anywhere in the system that the user has access to. At a glance, people can see what’s being talked about in their area of the business.

This week, we’ve added the ability to search the comments that go into that tile. Log in and check it out. Not only can you search for particular comment text and the name of the person who made a comment, but also the record that the comment’s attached to. So for example if you want to know about a particular project, you can type the name into the comments search. Clicking on a comment returned will take you straight to the original record and full discussion.

Note, at this time, related record searching will only work for new comments entered in from this point forward. This may be extended to old comments if there’s demand for it. Please let us know – all of our ideas (all our best ones anyway) come from client feedback!

We hope you enjoy using this new ability.

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