Growing Agilebase with talk and chat

ImageThe comment field has proved one of the most popular features ever introduced to Agilebase. For those unfamiliar, comments let staff add ad-hoc comments and notes to company information, building up conversations, for example to discuss a sales opportunity or project.

Now we’re adding the next natural evolution of the feature – the ability to see all of the most recent status updates and conversations of interest to you in one place, in a tile on the homepage.

Whether from contacts, opportunities, jobs, events or your own specific Agilebase data, people can get a quick idea of what’s happening of interest to them.

If a comment sparks your interest, you’ll be able to hover over it to see background information and click it to add your own voice to the conversation.

As the amount of information that a company stores in Agilebase grows (as it always does), the ability to get a quick overview of team discussions will become invaluable. What’s more, as comments are a social feature that people love using, you don’t have to force any processes on staff, beyond using their natural inclination to talk and chat. Geographically distributed organisations are likely to see a particular benefit.

You can see an early version of recent comments at work now – just add the ‘recent comments’ tile to your desktop. It’s not fully functional yet but we’d like to give you an idea of what’s coming soon on the roadmap so we can incorporate ideas and feedback. Please drop a line to to send us yours.

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