New feature: tags

It’s great getting a new client, especially if they ask for some tweak that isn’t in the system yet. The necessity of a new feature is increasingly rare but when it does happen we get to add an improvement to Agilebase that benefits everybody!

Our latest client’s business revolves around a database of TV programmes, for which they want to attach data such as stars, narrators, channels and countries shown in. For this type of data a dropdown selector doesn’t really cut it because there may be more than one value needed – a programme will have more than one star and may be broadcast in more than one country for example. Using new tables for each of these would be a bit too cumbersome.

Together, we came up with the idea of using tags – similar to LinkedIn endorsements, youtube video categories and many other systems. Want to add a new country? Just type it in and add it as a tag.

In our own business, we’ve started using this for job roles – as one contact may have more than one role. Here’s a screenshot of a contact with two roles:



As you type a new tag, the system auto-completes from tags already in the system.

Do you see any use for this in your own organisation? To set it up, just go to the field options and tick ‘use tags’.

If any of our existing clients have any other ideas for improvements, please do get in touch! If it’s an idea that will be of universal benefit, we’ll discount the development by 50%.

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