We were pleased to have some great feedback at the end of last year, for example one client emailed us

The system has developed a lot this year particularly in navigation ease and visibility of information… The potential must be vast, particularly for companies looking to control data over a number of sites or with remote workers

which we heartily agree with. We also had lots of good practical ideas from clients, some of which have already been implemented, such as simplified filtering. We certainly don’t plan to slow down.

For 2012, we’re looking at two really big features that will allow agileBase to adapt to even more situations.

The first is a form builder. Business people can already throw together basic forms really quickly, but this upgrade will put the focus on improving end user usability. In practice this means giving you the ability to lay forms out in the fashion that best suits your staff, combining input fields from different areas into one screen.

The second is a global search. The amount of data some clients store is getting so big you really need a google-like search bar so you can quickly find any data, attached document or report, so that’s exactly what we’re planning.

On the business side we’re also talking with other some companies about partnerships and hope to have some more news on that later in the year. We’re still really keen on offering other new partners the great deal of 50% of revenue so if that’s something that you think may be interesting, please drop us a line.

Update: the forms usability work is already bearing some fruit. Administrators can go to a table and select a number of attractive new layouts. Here’s a sample of one as it stands (still in progress…)

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