Want to keep up to date with current activities, events, opportunities or issues being entered into agileBase by staff ?  This month’s new ‘RSS’ feature means you no longer have to log in to agileBase you can get data sent directly to your mobile.

Want to know what is coming in from other outside sources (forms on your website etc.)? Just use the same function.

RSS pushes data using the method of your choice. Popular ways of reading RSS are,

  • Phone / tablet apps from your mobile app store (search for RSS)
  • Sites such as Google Reader
  • Dedicated applications for PC or Mac
  • Email clients such as Outlook
  • Modern web browsers also let you subscribe to feeds

To access the feed for a particular agileBase report, go to the report’s ‘manage’ tab and click the ‘sync’ button. If you don’t have a manage tab, please ask an administrator.

I hope you enjoy trying out this new feature and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thanks to Think Drinks for suggesting and commissioning this development