Super Fast Data Entry

We will be releasing the next major upgrade for agileBase – version 3.0 very shortly! The major benefits of which will be:

  • Super fast data entry, even when dealing with complex tasks, such as entering a new organisation with three contacts, a project and an attached document.
  • Reduced need for custom built complex data entry wizards, saving time, money and speeding up adoption
  • An ability for clients to define custom outputs themselves, e.g. for autogenerated  emails and mail merges

The new data entry interface will be a lot more user friendly but will also be optional and will only appear for people it’s selected for, allowing everyone to adopt at their own pace.

New now

As a bedrock to make some of this possible, some changes are being introduced now, ahead of time. The ‘view’ tab and default printouts are being improved so that they take up less space and look more attractive. Printouts which previously would have taken up two or three pages now take up just a single page.

There are various options for customising the new layout. You can now control the information that’s visible per field – as an administrator, go to table fields and select a printout option under ‘more info’ next to each field. The layout of the different blocks on the screen can also be moved around by dragging the field IDs above or below one another using the fields tab of the report.

In short, if you’d like the view tab or printouts to be altered, just get in touch with a system administrator.

Custom company headers and footers can also be added to all printouts – please get in touch if you’d like to add one for your organisation.

Finally, content can be emailed (in plain text format) from the print preview page with a new Email button.

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