Improved calendar integration

New calendar integration means data can now be entered directly into agileBase from the calendar interface using our real-time bi-directional links.

In previous posts we talked about the integration of agileBase with Google calendars, an option which is still available. However this month we’re launching a new vastly improved integrated calendar which not only allows you to display data (as google does) but allows you to update the database from the calendar interface.

The integrated calendar is now real time (Google only updates events once a day).

Calendars form the basis for many of the most important interactions in today’s organisations. agileBase has now a fully functional calendar interface which allows you to

  • an automatic easy interface that displays all your reports that have date fields – just tick those you want to see on the calendar
  • different reports are automatically colour coded so they can be compared easily
    e.g. planning 20 engineers’ days on screen at the same time
  • drag and drop events into days or time slots – quick and intuitive
  • full editing facilities are present via the calendar. For some jobs, this means you don’t have to flip between database and calendar views

The calendar’s currently in beta testing phase and will be released in the near future. As with all of our addons, there will be no per-user charge, rather the cost will include as many users as you like.

Here are some more screenshots:

Editing an entry
Editing an entry
Selecting calendars to display
Selecting calendars to display

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