Video: Think Drinks adopt agileBase

We thought we’d highlight the most recent company to adopt agileBase because they’re a great demonstration of the decision-making that goes into choosing a lean and agile platform to run IT systems on.

Here’s a video of the owner Tom Collins describing the background to his business and requirements.

When he heard about agileBase, Tom immediately saw the potential of a system that’s so fast to develop with that staff can be brought in on the process. The most important things for Think Drinks were

  • the ability for staff to propose changes to the system and have them immediately implemented, promoting a continuous improvement culture
  • the low initial investment in time and money before seeing working applications
  • having the staff who work with clients in the field be responsible for recording that work. Higher quality data means more accurate and timely invoicing, less administration re-work at later times and freeing up admin staff to concentrate on helping grow the business

Since this video was taken a couple of weeks ago, a complete system has been built in collaboration with Tom and the team, the basics being put together during meetings. It’s now being used on a day to day basis and we’ll follow up soon by revisiting and asking them to describe their experience. Stay tuned!

Major new features

Recently added at client request:

  • iPad compatibility: to allow Think Drinks engineers to record data without having to visit the office to log in to a PC
  • external logins: requested by Castell Howell Foods to allow key clients a limited view of data on their system about products and suppliers – i.e. opening up the supply chain
  • numerous minor improvements, too many to mention here. is up to date with the latest information

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