Top agileBase tips

The latest agileBase version out this week includes some great little ideas from inside and outside the company so I thought I’d compile them into a tips newsletter along with a few other useful general tips – the kinds of things that are really useful if you know about them. So, new stuff first…

1. NEW – tooltips on column headings

For numeric fields, when you hover over a field name in pane 2, a tooltip appears calculating the sum and average for the column. This works when filtering as well – you’ll get just the figures for the filtered data.

For lookup and some other text fields, agileBase lists all values in the report and shows how many times each appears with a little graphic – useful for a quick overview.

These are a couple of examples from our timesheet.

Thanks to Bread Art Collective for some initial inspiration.

2. NEW – chart exporting

Emailing, printing or sharing charts outside outside agileBase is now easy – just click the little ‘download’ button at the top right of a chart which will download an image of the chart that can be easily emailed or shared.

3. Document versioning

When you upload a document to agileBase, it’s kept for the life of the record. Even if you upload another version to replace it, any old versions are kept and can be retrieved from the ‘view’ tab.

But how do you delete a document (without deleting the rest of the record)? Simply clone the record and all other information will remain but the document and document history won’t be copied.

4. The relation picker.

The relation picker’s used for choosing an item in a related table. For example, if editing a contact, you may choose the organisation they belong to. Simply start typing and a dropdown will appear allowing selection of the item. So what’s the tip? Well, you can use * when typing to mean a wildcard, exactly as you would do when filtering. Here’s an example of adding an address to a record: I know it’s somewhere in Bristol…

5. Simultaneous reports

Sometimes it’s good to be able to look at one report in one window and a different one in another, so you don’t have to keep flipping back and forth between the two reports in agileBase. To do this, open each report in a different web browser, e.g. the first in Firefox and the second in Google Chrome. If you do this, the browsers won’t get confused!

Well, there are lots more tips to be had but I’ll save the next five for another post. In the meantime, things keep improving and I hope agileBase allows you to keep improving your business. As Cardinal Newman said, “to live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often”.

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