Continuous improvement in agileBase

agileBase is a platform to allow continuous iterative improvements to back-office business systems. We are so convinced of this iterative approach that we also follow the same logic in developing the product itself. Basically if we come across a problem that a client has, rather than trying to solve it in a one-off fashion, we try to about think how we can build in improvements into agileBase itself so that similar issues in future will also be addressed.

One example of this approach is the new ‘merge import’ facility.

We could see there was a need to merge data from a spreadsheet into an existing database as clients had asked for this a couple of times, so we devised an automated facility to allow that. Matching spreadsheet data can now be merged in, overwriting when necessary, leaving alone when there’s no new value to import. This update also takes care of some common data-cleansing issues, for example stripping excess spaces from before and after values.

This continuous incremental approach has been ongoing for over 4 years. You can see from the ‘impact’ graph below the number of lines of code added and removed from agileBase over the past couple of months.  So let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see!

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