Analysis: The link between operations and strategy

Why analyze? And why now?

The IT press is currently full of stories about a recent trend; the increasing using of data analysis to built competitive advantage.  Analysis is coming into its own as service sector organisations realise that they can get real time answers to fundamental questions such as, what efficiency improvements are possible in my internal systems? How quickly are we handling customer complaints? Or what exactly are customers responding to in my marketing campaigns?

agileBase has caught this zeitgeist and now allows SMEs to visualise their data in the same way that larger organisations take for granted.

The new agileBase dashboard has operational, tactical and strategic charting features with highlights including:

  • automated reporting of unusual data, to aid data cleansing without requiring additional staff time
  • automated reporting of missing data in key fields
  • simple visualisations for any relevant metrics
  • side by side viewing of charts from different data sources to aid decision making
  • utilisation maps to show which areas of the business are important to users and which under-utilised, to help in evaluating investment strategies

agileBase Dashboard helps executives “see” their organisation in full, using data that’s traditionally been spread across a myriad of spreadsheets and other software tools. Where agileBase is already used for

  • CRM
  • marketing
  • learning/training systems
  • managing assets
  • customer complaints
  • etc.

then all of this data is already collected and shared amongst relevant staff. Just get in touch to enable a free dashboard evaluation and find out about the new features that allow insight into your own data.

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