New for April/May

Despite certain staff being incapacitated abroad during this month’s volcano ash flights shutdown, we’ve still managed to get out some major feature releases and updates requested by clients.

First is our executive dashboard, available as an addon – it’s now ready for initial users to play with.

The second is the ability to set any field in agileBase as mandated – i.e. a user has to fill in a value when editing a record. If they don’t, the effects are

  • the record is locked until the field is filled in
  • an exception will be shown in the new dashboard visible to managers

The third is an improvement to summary charts. You can now create charts that show cumulative totals and counts, e.g. running totals of a value as time progresses.

Of course, all these and other updates are immediately available to everyone using agileBase and remember, there’s no charge for adding additional users. You can share your company information with as many staff and selected outside users as you need to without additional purchases or the need to install software. Think of the comparison with other software you may have tried!

Here’s to a sunny and busy May!

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