GTpB 2.4 – build custom templates

Simplifying the building of custom templates has been the main focus for the newest release of GT portalBase this week, version 2.4.

Template plugins in portalBase are used when you need to display data in your own custom formats. For example, one template may be needed to print an invoice, another to generate the text of an email and a third to display timeline data in GANTT chart format.

During the development of portalBase, the focus has been on power and flexibility in the templating API. However, clients are now expressing an interest in building interface plugins themselves using templates.

After a long while mulling over templating improvements, we’ve come up with a set of changes that greatly simplify template building while maintaining backward compatibility. The templating language, Apache Velocity is already very easy to use which is a big help. With the new simplified API for accessing and displaying data, anyone who has a basic understanding of web page authoring should be able to add in data pulled from portalBase.

To go with this release, we’ve also spent some time evaluating a number of template development environments, from code editors to WYSIWYG graphical drag and drop systems. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss which applications may suit your needs.

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