YouTube integration

Why, you might ask, make youtube integration a priority for a business tool such as portalBase? Recently we came across an interesting radio broadcast of the BBC’s ‘In Business’ programme which focussed on how 21st century organisations are becoming ‘learning’ organisations –

It described how even very large scale organisations are looking to speed up the roll out new learning and abilities by bypassing the more traditional and bureaucratic approaches. A major part of this new approach involves allowing staff to generate short, ‘amateur’ training videos and resources that are posted on youtube. These resources can be particularly effective precisely because they originated from internally staff members with the relevant knowledge and experience.

At GTwM we’ve taken inspiration from this and built in direct integration with sites like and into our agile development platform GT portalBase. Just paste a video URL into any text field and the video will appear in place in the interface. The normal youtube ‘full screen’ button can be used to zoom and play the video. Any other information you want to keep in your database can then be added such as who’s viewed each resource or the departments it’s useful for.

Aside from content that can be generated in-house and uploaded to online services, there are many existing learning resources online that cover many areas, from the general through to specific narrow areas for particular skills.

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