On its fourth anniversary, portalBase has been released under a GPL open source license.

portalBase is a web based industrial strength platform for business application development. It’s used to rapidly prototype and develop data entry and reporting applications that work over the internet or a local network.

Our vision was to create a product that allowed business analysts to create lean, agile, Just-In-Time (JIT) back offices.

New headline features

  • iPhone and Google Phone version – Aug 09
  • youTube integration – July 09
  • automated version histories for uploaded documents attached to records – June 09
  • tag cloud generation – Mar 09
  • multi-browser compatibility – Mar 09
  • grouping views and modules into business sections, e.g. Plan/Do/Check/Act, Marketing/Sales/Finance etc. – Nov 08
  • basic API additions including google maps integration and phone number lookups – Aug 08
  • automatic join and full view creation – Feb 08
  • data security and audit features – Jan 08

Underlying features

  • GUI builder
  • create tables
  • create views
  • option to use full SQL snippets for advanced users
  • basic form builder
  • accessible, advanced filtering
  • report summary generation
  • import and export
  • set roles and privileges
  • database refactoring facilities

Technology platform

  • PostgreSQL 8.4
  • Java 5+
  • Hibernate
  • Tomcat

Source code is available at http://github.com/okohll/GT-portalBase/

Have a go of a basic demo at www.gtportalbase.com, with the username and password ‘demo’. If you’d like to find out about any functionality in greater depth, email oliver@gtportalbase.com, skype okohll or please pass on these details to your IT department if applicable.