iPhone and Google phone version


We’ve polished the mobile version of portalBase – to try it out head straight to


You can view reports, summaries and records. Editing may come in a future version, depending on whether users feel this would be useful functionality or not.

Tip: If you use portalBase to store all of your company contacts, as we do and the phone to store just those you’re in touch with regularly, there’s an easy way to transfer a new number or email address to your phone contacts list – instead of tapping it, hold your finger down over the it and some options will pop up letting you save to an existing or new contact. This works with both the iPhone and Google phone.

A set of screenshots and documentation can be seen on our wiki at


Coming soon

Watch out for a couple of nifty new features currently on the development site and to be released soon

  • Current record always visible: pane 2 will now include the current record being edited, even if it isn’t in the report due to a filter. This is a fundamental change – rather than pane 2 being ‘report rows’ it will now be ‘report rows plus current record’. This should greatly aid usability, reduce accidental editing of the wrong record and stop new records becoming ‘lost’.
  • Summarise by dates: in the report summary screen, you’ll be easily able to sum, count, average etc. by the year, quarter, month or day component of any date field.

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