Version 1.9.9 deals with large data sets

This release addresses a number of items to improve input and output of large amounts of data, both from the schema design and end user points of view

Image:Import.png Importing 

  • Metadata: fields such as creator and creation date are set for every imported record
  • Bugfixes to the import routine – portalBase should deal with Excel-generated CSV files better, with errors less common
Image:Fields.png Fields 

  • Fields can be re-ordered very quickly now, just by by dragging them, in the ‘fields’ tab of pane 3. This vastly speeds up modifications to large tables
  • Separators can be added between fields to section off different parts of an input form, e.g. to clarify stages in a process
Image:Print.png  Document generation 

  • The print facility now has the ability to include full detail for every record printed in the currently selected report, one record per page. This allows easy generation of e.g. detailed specification documents from data in portalBase

Other improvements

In this and recent minor releases, a number of other improvements and bugfixes have been included

  • Field sorting is improved with visual feedback
  • Usage statistics: administrators can easily see on a per-report or per-table basis who’s using each module. De-cluttering obsolete reports is easier
  • Report generation is a lot quicker – fields and joins are automatically added to a report on creation
  • Addresses: geographical location is displayed next to phone numbers. Addresses are auto-recognised and labelled with map icons
  • The ‘link’ button now works more simply, launching an email with a link to the current portalBase record

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