The client side – version 1.9 released

Over the past few months, many minor changes have been released to address particular requirements, but this major release draws together a number of features. With the database and server components solid and high performance, this release focusses on the user interface. We’ve had UI specialists working on specific areas and the results are described below.




Pane 1 can now be arranged into sections. For example, you may like to arrange modules into Marketing/Sales/R&D/Accounts, Plan/Do/Check/Act or whatever suits your organisation. 


We’ve targeted slower internet connections in this release. In particular, pane 3 requires much less bandwidth to download, as only the current tab is loaded when selecting a new record. Large reports now see a 4x speed improvement when loading into pane 2 due to the use of data compression during data transfer from the server to the browser. 

Foundations for the Future

Behind the scenes, the whole of the portalBase interface has also been rewritten to be more browser compatible. This work isn’t fully complete but it does mean that our next release will be compatible with, amongst other browsers, Internet Explorer as well as Firefox.


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