version 1.8.5 brings iPhone platform and intelligent report creation

New features

  • Simple joins – life is now simpler for report creators: the system guides you when collating data from multiple sources into one report. Simple, context sensitive options are given e.g. when editing a contacts report, ‘join contacts to addresses’ may be offered. A knowledge of SQL principles is no longer necessary to create most joins, however it’s still possible to create complex joins, e.g. joining on calculations, by people who do have the necessary technical skills
  • Improved logging: audit trails now include details such as filters applied to a report and the actual data entered while editing a record


  • Minor bugfixes, including fixing one case in which importing data from a spreadsheet would fail
Image:PortalBase-on-iPod.png One more thing 

We’re working on a mobile of version of portalBase, specifically tailored for devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch or newer Symbian based mobile phones. It’s currently early in the development process and has facilities such as


  • module viewing
  • report viewing and filtering as-you-type
  • summary report viewing
  • data editing

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