Data security and auditing focus for version 1.8.4


Over the past year, customers have been using portalBase on an increasing scale in their businesses creating functionality which cuts across multiple departments. New uses have been found ranging from stock/sales analysis and accounting to document management and the creation of knowledge bases.

As the scale of applications is increasing, we’ve been doing work to ensure that users can cope with the information they’re presented with.

Our most recent releases have therefore focussed on improving the user interface to ensure things stay user friendly – each app such as CRM or billing is now a module with all its reports and functionality enclosed.

Now we’re focussing on complimentary features that are equally as important when more core company data is stored and manipulated, for example to let admins see who uses each application/report the most and additional features to avoid accidental (or intentional) overwriting of critical data.

The theme of this release is data security and auditability. Software as a Service (SaaS) can often be more reliable than internal IT and our service in particular has had 100% uptime. This release addresses some of the other internal sources of risk inherent in any data system, to provide maximum assurance of data integrity.


Hourly backups

In addition to the off-site daily and monthly backups, the database is now backed up every hour on site, with data kept to cover the past 24 hours

Record locking

Particularly useful when storing financial data, records can now be locked to stop further edits or deletion. For example, all records used to generate an accounting report can be locked when it’s printed. Admins can unlock temporarily.


Usage logs

The usage logs that portalBase keeps are now available for administrators to download in spreadsheet format. Admins can now see all logged information in real time, including the audit trails of logins, data edits / deletions and schema changes. Logged information is kept for at least one month (older logs are available in backups).

In addition, statistics are summarised in graph format on screen.

Other changes

Other significant changes in this release are

  • Mitigate the effects of a browser bug causing the cursor to vanish in text input fields
  • Monthly hosting & licensing costs (based on the number of tables used) are calculated on screen for decision makers to see giving greater transparency

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