Inline editing rollout

Inline editing is a feature first released two years ago this month. It’s now matured and gained capabilities, so we think it’s ready to be made available as an option on every view, by default.

A quick recap – what is inline editing?

Normally in agileBase, when you click a record, that record opens up so you can edit it. Inline editing by contrast makes the view itself editable, similar to a spreadsheet. So you can edit fields from each record in place, without navigating away from the view.

This allows much faster data entry for people who are editing many records in one go, or who want to see the other records on screen for context, while editing.

The screenshot above shows a view with inline editing toggled on. To do this as a user, scroll to the bottom of view in agileBase and use the toggle switch at the left.

Examples of different types of field can be seen above, which are either editable inline (those with a white background), or non-editable. Clicking on a non-editable field will take you through to see the full record as normal.

The first three fields – Name, Code and Bought or Made are non-editable because they are locked, i.e. they can’t be edited without adding an explanatory comment. You’ll notice that Mustard and Worcestershire Sauce have no code and are editable. Once codes have been entered, they will become locked.

The next field, Type, is an editable tags field. Tags can be added by typing (a dropdown of available options will appear) or removed using the crosses. This is a new capability released today.

Status Of Ingredient is an editable dropdown. Last Modified is an auto-generated date for each record and therefore can’t be edited manually.

Standard Cost is an editable number and finally Completeness is a calculation, so is not editable.

One other new feature is the selected record marker. The record being edited currently, or the one which was last edited, is surrounded by a border, so you can easily follow the row across the screen, particularly useful if there are many fields and you’re scrolling.

Administrator Control

Inline editing is now allowed but off by default – as a user you can turn it on with the toggle at the bottom left view.

Administrators can change the default for a particular view to one of three states

  • available but off by default
  • on by default
  • not available (prevents people toggling inline editing on)

To do this, toggle the developer mode on (the toggle is at the top right of the screen) when looking at a view. Edit the view with the large pencil icon and under ‘properties and options’, set the Interface option to the preferred value.

We hope you enjoy using this feature and it allows you to do your work more quickly and efficiently. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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