Calling freelance JS / Python programmers

We’re looking for a couple of people to help with some specific projects we’ve got on at the moment. Ideally we’d like to build further ties with developers in the South West (Bristol & surrounds, UK), especially.

NB we’re looking to deal directly with freelancers, no agencies please.

The two projects below are part of the continuous improvement and development of the platform. Below are some brief descriptions.

For either of these please contact

Oliver Kohll
CTO, agileChilli / /

1) Card web interface

Language / Skills – Javascript + CSS

The agileBase platform displays rows from a database in various formats, e.g. in a calendar / timeline, an image gallery, charts and most commonly, in tabular format, like a spreadsheet.

We’d like to add another display option – ‘cards’ arranged in columns, as used in Kanban boards. Cards will be able to be dragged between columns. In other words, similar to the Trello interface, or

Our existing application should be able to call a new Javascript function, which accepts a Json parameter, which will be an array of records each representing a card. The format is to be determined, but amongst the data will be for example

  • a title (and perhaps subtitle)
  • an optional colour
  • a set of field names and values for display on the card (content can be text/images/document links/HTML)
  • additional metadata for each field e.g. field type, tooltip / help text, display option flags
  • the name of a column in which to place this card

Cards should then be rendered to a specific container element on screen.

The cards should respond to events

  • click – run a JS function supplied by us
  • various other element clicks, e.g. delete and expand icons – run similar functions
  • drag – on dragging to a different column, an API call (HTTP POST) should be made to register the move – we’ll supply the details

The application front end currently uses a few libraries e.g., but we use no larger frameworks apart from jQuery. Ideally we’d not add a large framework just for this purpose, so would be looking for vanilla JS, but will happily discuss all options / suggestions.

Although we’ll be able to update stylesheets ourselves afterwards, a good design sensibility would also be appreciated. The UI & UX should fit well into the existing system.

2) Apache Superset configuration

Language / Skills – Python (Flask framework) + Linux

We’ve installed on a server for reporting. However as I’ve never worked with Python apps, some help with configuration would be appreciated.

Specifically, we’d like to install a production web server for it – at they recommend Gunicorn, but instructions are bare-bones. For other apps we use nginx and ideally we’d be able to reverse proxy from our primary nginx server. At any rate we’d like a webserver of some sort set up with Letsencrypt TLS certificates.

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