Tile colours

When each user adds a tile, the system picks a colour for it based on what’s already on the screen. It tries to create a variety of colours with little repetition. The colours themselves are from a specially designed palette that creates a friendly, interesting look that we try to differentiate from the boring blue and white/grey of typical business software applications.

tile colours

However, this has meant that different users might get different colours for the same tile.

We’ve now tweaked this so that administrators can globally set the colour of a tile across the whole organisation. That should make training and support easier – support staff can now say “open sales analysis – that’s the purple one” and any printed material can match.

It also means you can customise your own company designs – maybe make a two-tone checkerboard effect, or colour tiles by dept. so e.g. all finance is blue and all sales green.

To set this up, go in to the admin interface, expand out ‘Administration’ and click tiles.

colours admin

p.s. you may notice some of the colour names might not exactly match the actual colours – don’t worry about that, it’s the colours you see that matter, the names may be tweaked in future.

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