Easy date filtering

Hello, I hope you’re all having a good start to 2013.

We’ve been setting up a new client who has asked for an improvement to be made to agilebase to make date filtering easier, specifically date ranges. As always, any improvements we do to the core platform are done in such a way as they will benefit all users, so here’s a quick intro on the new facility, should you choose to use it:


The picture shows a filter tool that pops up when you click in a date filter box.

Note that it only pops up after a second if you don’t start typing a filter manually. If you know what you want, you can just type a standard filter in and the filter tool won’t appear. Even when the filter tool is visible, you can still just type in the standard filter box if you like.

From the top part, you can choose a specific date, but the interesting bit is the bottom section for choosing date ranges.

You can drag the blue bar left or right to filter for older or newer dates and also drag the ends to extend or contract the range.

To zoom in or out on a longer or shorter time period, use the plus and minus buttons.

Finally, there are a number of common ‘preset’ filters at the bottom. Clicking one of those buttons will immediately perform the filter and close the tool.

As people use it, I’m sure many will have ideas for improvements to suit them. Please let us know what yours are and we can carry on evolving it to everyone’s benefit.

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