Apps in agileBase

Clients and partners have recently been adding value to agileBase by using the rapid development facilities to create specific, single purpose apps. Here’s a showcase. Many of these apps are currently being developed so these are sneak preview.

1) Fusion People Training have developed an Organisational Needs Analysis targeted at enterprise executives:

You can try this beta app out at

2) Not Going To Uni have had a simple iPad app developed to record interest from students at careers fairs. The benefit is, it works offline so even when internet connections are patchy no data is lost. It can also be branded for use by other partners and of course form fields can be updated at any time from within agileBase.

3) A bristol-based technology mailing list has created a directory of useful contacts for their community – from tech. services to trade services, with personal recommendations.

Go to to take a look

4) Think Drinks, a soft drinks supplier is experimenting with mobile technologies to create a searchable premises list for phones. We can’t show a demo of this one but let us know if you’d like to see something similar.


Coming up

Apps are obviously a big thing, helping users get to grips with tasks without having to learn a complex user interface. If you’d like to know how to develop these, get in touch and we can provide training or brainstorm some ideas with you.

The core agileBase interface is also evolving to become more app-like whilst retaining the power to access any area of the system. You may get an invite soon to take part in a beta programme to test new developments. If you don’t and you’d like to be a part of it, just let me know:

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